Press Review – Memorandum Medgrid-Desertec

24 Nov 2011
Agences de presse Reuters - Arab Spring a short-term problem for solar-Medgrid AFP - Le programme solaire Europe-Afrique commence à prendre forme APA - Deutsche und französische Firmen kooperieren bei Wüstenstrom Xinhua- L’UE se félicite de la coopération entre Dii et Medgrid dans l’énergie solaire en Afrique du Nord AFP - Le programme solaire Europe-Afrique [...] >

Electricity: One year on and the Medgrid project is making “good progress”

07 Jul 2011
Medgrid Project Paris, 7th July 2011 (AFP).  The Medgrid project, launched a year ago to establish an electricity network under the Mediterranean, is “progressing well”, but “no one is under any illusion that we will be able to build this infrastructure from one day to the next”, stated Medgrid CEO André Merlin during a press conference.  Launched [...] >

Medgrid takes part in the 9th World Sustainable Development Forum (WSDF)

30 Jun 2011
Medgrid took part in the 9th World Sustainable Development Forum on the 27th and 28th June 2011 at the Military School in Paris.  The theme was “Geo-strategic challenges in the Mediterranean and European region:  environment, energy, development”. The Medgrid presentation highlighted its complementarities with the Mediterranean Solar Plan and stressed the place of Mediterranean networks [...] >