Our mission



Innovative approaches to achieve our vision

Medgrid works very closely with authorities in the countries involved, the EC, the scientific community, development banks and funds, NGOs.


The Medgrid engineering department has several missions:

  • To design a Mediterranean transmission network able to export 5GW into Europe by 2020;
  • To promote regulation favourable to investment and to the viability of generation projects on the southern rim of the Mediterranean; this will involve buy-back schemes, emissions trading, fiscal incentives, etc…
  • To assess the positive effects of investment in infrastructure and electricity trading on growth, economic activity and job creation;
  • To develop technical cooperation over trans-Mediterranean projects;
  • To promote European technology and industry on the global market, especially in renewable electricity generation, DC technology and HVDC submarine cables.

Medgrid and Desertec: complementary ventures

Medgrid’s work is carried out in coordination with other MSP projects and with Desertec, a company working to establish large wind and solar farms around North Africa and the Middle East (MENA); Medgrid’s work on transmission systems complements these projects.

Developing large-scale solar installations and high-capacity transmission lines will enable solar energy to become truly competitive.

These installations should boost industrialisation and economic & social development in member countries.